Air Blender®

Air Blender®

Air Blender Product available at Blender Products

The patented Series IV Air Blender® static mixer provides higher levels of mixing in half the distance and at a lower pressure drop than any other air mixer on the market. The Air Blender mixer is the only mixing device that provides predictable levels of mixing and pressure loss with each size and configuration. By applying the Air Blender, the designer is assured the system will operate as expected at specific outdoor-air design temperatures.

Air Blender protects against frozen coils with Blender Products

Freeze Protection

Freeze-stat trips & frozen water coils cost building owners and system designers significant time and money.  Good mixing is the most effective and efficient way to provide coil-freeze protection.

Economizer Operation is helped with proper mixing with Air Blender at Blender Products

Economizer Operation

Poor mixing often forces building operators to prematurely abandoned economizer operation.  Proper mixing, however, allows full utilization of free cooling, and thereby saves building owners significant operating expense. 

Temperature Control Accuracy with Air Blender through Blender Products

Temperature Control Accuracy

Sensor accuracy is significantly compromised when temperature and velocity stratification exist.  Proper mixing minimizes sensor errors, thereby ensuring accurate temperature sensing and control.

Even Velocity Profile with Blender Products

Even Velocity Profile

Velocity maldistribution compromises the performance of filtration systems, heating and cooling coils, and humidification systems. By evening the velocity profile, system components work longer and more efficiently.

Outside Air distribution is highly improved with Blender Products Air Blender

Outdoor Air Distribution

Indoor air quality (IAQ) can be significantly compromised when air stratification exists, but well-mixed return and outdoor air results in more breathable air for building occupants.